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A up-market Premier E-liquid

Apple & Eve

Apple and Eve:
Fresh Apples with the sweet, sugary flavour of Cinnamon, making this the perfect e-juice for anyone with a sweet tooth.


It’s hard to make blueberry sound interesting. That is of course unless you’re a fan of blueberries then you’ll love our cunningly named Blueberry e-liquid. We’ve chopped, smashed and squished a ton of blueberries to make this blueberry e-liquid a sure fire hit for any vaping blueberry fan.


Caramel and tobacco. Oh my we are too good to you guys! This is one special edition experience, combining the sweet and the savoury to create something really special. A tobacco e-liquid with a slightest hint of sweet caramel, guaranteeing Carabacco has something for everyone.

Granny's Crumble

Rhubarb and apple e-liquid is the order of the day here. The slightly sharp taste of rhubarb works perfectly with the apple, to create Granny's Crumble e-liquid. The obvious way to go would have been rhubarb and custard.


If you like your fruits green then this is a sure fire hit. Green apple and white grape smashed together with a cheeky little kiwi thrown in for good measure.

Holburn Hero

What a hero! This smooth, well rounded tobacco e-liquid is designed to satisfy even the most demanding of tobacco e-liquid fans. With a perfectly blended tobacco flavour, making it the all star of tobacco e-liquids.

Oh So Orange

This is one special freshly squeezed orange orgasm, so naturally it’s part of our super special Shoreditch Edition range. A clean, fresh and lively orange, with the light and fruity zing of something a little cheeky.

Percy Peanut

You’ll need a sweet tooth and be absolutely nuts for chocolate, to enjoy this chocolate and peanut e-liquid.

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