Electronic Cigarettes

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette is an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarette. Powered be a lithium-ion battery, electronic cigarettes mimic the act of smoking by producing a water based vapour containing a measure amount of pharmaceutical grade nicotine which is then inhaled, much like “smoke “ is from a traditional cigarette.

Electronic Cigarettes normally constitute two parts

1. The battery.

2. The atomizer, also known as a clearomizer or cartomizer.

The element inside the atomizer will heat the E-Fluid within the atomizer by vaporizing it turning it into a vapour delivering a measure amount of nicotine to the user.

By the end of 2014 it is expected that over 1.5million traditional smokers in the UK will have switched to Electronic Cigarettes and many millions worldwide will have changed for a safer less harmful way of enjoying their cigarette.


Welcome to Vapord’lites

Specialists in E-cigarettes and E-fluid.

We offer the solution that is one of the most adaptable ways of enjoying a safer, healthier and far more cost effective alternative to tobacco and cigarettes.

Vapord’lites delivers an authentic nicotine experience but without the many poisonous chemicals and social aspects of conventional cigarette smoke.

Our E-Cigs devices are the way forward for many cigarette smokers, who are looking for a cheaper way to enjoy their cigarette or who just want to stop smoking cigarettes for health reasons.

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