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  E-Cigarettes Saves Lifes.

You’ve probably heard in the news that the government wants to regulate electronic cigarettes as medicines to make them safer and more effective. That sounds like a good idea, but in fact it’s not what’s going to happen. If this becomes law most electronic cigarettes will be banned, and hundreds of thousands of people in the UK will go back to smoking tobacco.

Half of them will die.

Electronic cigarettes are not medicines. They are a new way of using nicotine, a legal drug which is safe when used normally. Don’t let them be banned by a badly thought out law.

About 1.3 million people in the UK now use electronic cigarettes regularly, and that number is doubling every year. You’ve probably seen people using them. Perhaps you know, or even live with, someone who has switched from smoking to ‘vaping.’

How much do you know about them, though?

Only what you’ve seen on TV and in the newspapers?

Sadly a lot of this is wrong. If you’ve seen news reports about electronic cigarettes you’ve probably seen these claims:

“We don’t know what’s in them.”

“They’re not regulated.”

“They’re being advertised to children.”

“They could be more dangerous than cigarettes.”

< >They cause cancer. “None of these things are true. Of course it’s easy for us to say that, however we have the evidence to back it up. Here are some points you probably haven’t seen in the news:

Electronic cigarettes don’t give off second hand smoke

Electronic cigarettes create no fire hazard

Electronic cigarette liquid is made with safe, medical grade ingredients

Using electronic cigarettes is up to 90% cheaper than smoking tobacco

Existing laws are enough to ensure that electronic cigarettes are safe

Yes, we have the evidence to back up these claims, too. Many health experts are strongly opposed to classing electronic cigarettes as a medicine.

They think, as we do, that this would be a public health disaster. We believe that once you’ve seen the evidence you will, too.


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