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Who we are and what makes us different

About Us


We are an independent family run business, that offers a new way to shop, visiting our store in Scunthorpe you will be greeted with a warm welcome and while browsing you’re welcome to a cup of coffee as well as being given to chance to sample our products and try the range of e-fluid we have to offer in a relaxed atmosphere.

‘VaporD’Lites’ store is a new fresh business. We have established ourselves as a reliable and reputable company currently delivering to the UK market. How do we do this? At ‘VaporD’Lites’, we source, design and combine the best products. Our passion for quality and innovation along with our extensive customer focus groups helps us in bringing the best products together – you will not find our combination of kits and exclusively engineered e-liquid on any other site. Our hard work and determination to supply the best has been noticed everywhere.

E-electronic cigarettes have numerous advantages over traditional tobacco cigarettes.


Our products


Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco, no tar and less carbon monoxide compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes do not contain the any of the 4000 chemicals found in traditional tobacco.

They produce vapor rather than smoke, so you can use them virtually wherever and whenever you want without worrying about the consequences of second-hand smoke.

The vapor produced by electronic cigarettes does not have the odor of tobacco smoke, so you will not have to worry about clothing, furniture and surroundings smelling of smoke.

Electronic cigarettes will not burn or cause a fire if handled carelessly as there is no ash or butts to deal with.


Our company


All Products sold by ‘VaporD’Lites’ focuses on product improvement and quality control, consistently offering high-quality electronic cigarettes to our customers.

Our sauce manufacturers employ teams of highly experienced, expert technical engineers who are focused on improving product performance through technological innovation.

On top of that, their complete quality control system oversees each step of the production process. All of our finished products are thoroughly tested before delivery, ensuring only quality electronic cigarette products reach our customers. As an added boost to customer confidence, our products are EU TPD, CE, SGS and ROSH certified. That quality assurance enables us to fill our customers' orders promptly. Deliveries are usually made within 7 to 14 days.

Our aim is to continue to provide the best quality electronic cigarette products at the best price combined with excellent customer service.

Put simply, our customers' satisfaction is the top priority at ‘VaporD’Lites’. Our efforts so far have seen us become a leading electronic cigarette supplier. Our continuing innovation and wide range of products (more than many other companies) give us the edge to supply our customer’s reliable products.

Security, integrity, professionalism, fast delivery, high-quality service and low prices are our company policy.

We work hard to insure all our products are of the quality available on the market.

What can we offer?

•Competitive pricing

•Exclusive product ranges

•Next day working delivery

•UK based sales and support team

•Warranty on all our products

•Full product liability insurance.

Here to help




Tel: 01724 487807

E-mail: vapordlites@hotmail.co.uk


Tel: 01724 487807

E-mail: vapordlites@hotmail.co.uk


Tel: 01724 487807

E-mail: vapordlites@hotmail.co.uk

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